Wolf Run Slots

Shows how ‘networked’ we are — we thought that “Wolf Run” was our personal secret favorite discovery….and it turns out to be one of the most popular machines among slots players all over — there are many, many US casinos that have Wolf Run. Now that I have consciously looked for them they are everywhere. You can’t get through a casino without seeing a bunch. Now I know that is in part because of how popular they have become but I think it just took me a while to notice them…

I’d seen the wolf’s face staring at me time and again before I decided to try it out. It’s nowhere near as gimmicky as plenty of other slot machines in Vegas. There is very little in the way of video bonuses or special features but as I (and apparently millions of other serious slot junkies) found out, it is as close a guarantee of slot success as anything you can find on The Strip.

Not that Wolf Run is generic, by any means; with four visible symbols on each reel and an indispensable “stacked wilds” feature, it looks and plays subtly different from anything else out there. And the timberland graphics and animations are very well done — take that from a guy who is originally from the High Sierras. They remind me greatly of home and that is one of the major perks of the game for me at least.

The big difference is (as always) in the payouts, which come fast and furious when the Free Spins round lines up with the stacked wilds. The machine lets you know it too — the fuss that it makes when you win will definitely turn heads in your general area. It is loud and bright. It is sure to entertain even the most serious players.

I find that the payouts come often enough that I do not find myself getting too bored in between. That is often times the thing that gets me up and moving around rather than sitting where I am and playing my machine. You see, what I prefer finding a machine I can play and being entertained while I spend some time relaxing. I don’t come to the casino just to win, I come to enjoy some of my free time. I don’t have much to spare.

I’ve been trying to find something like Wolf Run that I can play online, without too much luck. The ones that look most like Wolf Run sure don’t pay out like it, and vice versa. However, Winpalace’s Rain Dance has a good-looking Native American theme, stacked wilds, and a nice random progressive that hits rather often for me.

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