Jackpot Party Slots

As a guy who likes to stay apart from the crowd, I hate to say it, but I love Jackpot Party…just like everyone else who has played the slots in the series.

Just so that you don’t think that I’ve jumped on any sort of bandwagon, I’ve been playing at US casinos that have Jackpot Party since the original came out — I think it was about fifteen years ago, but I could be wrong. I loved the “pooper” idea, and all of the sound and video feedback that it gave. Back then, it really stood out from the crowd…but of course when it became a big hit, suddenly a lot of other slots seemed to be doing the same thing.

Now, of course, there are about a zillion twists on the now-classic Jackpot Party theme. I can’t claim to have played them all, but the ones that I’ve really liked include Super Jackpot Party (in my opinion, the most over-the-top when it comes to bells and whistles) and Village People Party (yes, I’m a child of the 1970’s).

Jackpot Party Progressive is also very good, but remember that you’ll win a little less often in return for the chance of winning REALLY big. But my wife is certain that she wins more often than on most progressive slots. You know what they say, perception is everything. She has probably just sat down at the right machine at the right time on multiple occasions which led her to believe the odds were tilted in her favor when they really were not.

The thing that attracts most people about Jackpot Party is the fun, stimulating theme — well, like a party. The thing that KEEPS people playing is the fact that it seems to win a bit more often, and for a bit more money, than all of the slots around it. Not only that, it is really fun and entertaining. I also find myself getting excited while I am playing it much more often than I get that same type of rush on almost any of the other games in the casino.

These games have several bonuses as well. It seems like you can play it for longer without getting bored because you don’t always have to do the exact same bonuses. Sometimes you get this one, sometimes you get that one but forgetting about the bonuses for a moment let me tell you that I have won more in the regular gameplay than the bonuses anyway… It seems like the payout is set to be higher in the regular rounds of play rather than the bonuses. lots of machines I have tried just basically took your money until the bonuses then they gave some back.

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