Big Night 2

It was my twenty first birthday and I knew that I wanted to go out gambling. I had known for months and I had been dropping hints to all of my friends and family about what I could use. I had explained that it was my big night and I was waiting for so long for it to get here. They all understood and several of them had tried explaining that I should be careful about getting attached to the machines in Vegas. “Las Vegas was not built on winners” he used to say all of the time. I explained to him as well as anyone else who had questions that I knew gambling was not something to take lightly and that I promised not to become addicted. I just wanted to give them a proper go because they were ever present when I was growing up. I mean there are slots and video poker machines inside of the grocery store. As a matter of fact, it was only very recently that they outlawed smoking right there inside of the grocery store while you were gambling.

On the big night I added up my bank roll to see what I was working with. After saving the money I made all summer at my job plus my birthday cards which were amazingly stuffed with money I had $678.00. I had worried that I would not have a good amount and my night would end prematurely but this much would get me through the night surely. I was so happy and felt blessed. I would get to try out all of my favorites. All of the machines I had been gazing at for oh so long. I hopped into the car with my friends and my folks as well as a few other family members met up with us down at the casino. I figured that I would go to one of the biggest casinos because there would be a good selection and I could try a bunch of games out in one place, I knew just the place.

I headed over to the MGM Grand. It was always one of my favorites because of the buffet and the live lions. I went over to one of the classics, a Red, White and Blue 7’s reel slot. I decided to play the quarter version because I new that even though I had plenty of money it could go fast if I was not careful. I lost $50.00 pretty quickly so I moved on to another game I had always wanted to try, Megabucks. After reading the rules I found you had to bet $3.00 per spin to activate the progressive. I spent $250.00 quickly and stood up. I was there for about 30 minutes and spent $300.00. Wow! Luckily for me the next game I tried was a big wheel of fortune game which was very kind. Instead of coming away broke as I imagined I could after the first two games I actually won all my money back plus. It was very exciting and after all was said and done I did win over &500.00 and spent the whole night gambling it was at least twelve well earned action packed hours of bliss.

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