Triple Diamond Slot Machine – Squeaky Reel

MAC asks if anyone can help regarding a Triple Diamond Slot Machine, and a squeaky reel…

I have an IGA Triple Diamond slot machine manufactured in 4/1994. The model # is B5136CFIW.

First question: What type or series machine is this? S, S+, or something else?

I was searching for a maintenance manual & can’t find much regarding this machine.

The ultimate problem is with one of the three reel motors – the 3rd one (furthest right)squeels when it runs – far more often than not. I was thinking it needed lubrication, but am unsure of what type of lube to use, where it might need to be applied, or determine if the motor is going bad. About 1 in 15-20 runs, it doesn’t make the squeel.

Any advise, insight, etc would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, MAC

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