Reel Magic & Blue Shark Slots

Taz asks the following questions, one about a slot machine called, “Reel Magic”, and another about a computer program called, “Blue Shark”…

Hey there, im currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I used to live in Greece a few years back and used to play on the slots there. The majority of them were called “Reel Magic”. I’ve tried looking them up on the net with no luck. If you have any details about the machines I’m talking about please forward it to me as i would love to find one.

Also, in Greece, at internet cafe’s they had illegal; gambling programs installed on their computers, that if say a police officer or security guard walked in, the attendant would press a button at the main desk, and all the machines would go back into computer mode. I would really love to find an emulator of the program or something similar for some fun at home. All the slots and other casino programs that i have tried are pretty crap compared to the ones in Greece. The ones i played at the internet cafe’s were called “Blue Shark”. PLease help! :)))

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