What Are 99% Payback Slots?

A question from Michael T. of Monrovia, CA, about 99% payback slots:

Q:: At some casinos in Las Vegas, I noticed groups of machines that say “99% Payback”. What does that mean, and how is that different from other machines?

A:: Michael, 99% pay back slot machines means that over the life time of the slot machine, with an optimum player, the machine will pay back 99%. That is, a player that plays the maxim credits every time. Most players do not play the max credits turning the machine more in favor of the house. If you are playing less than the max and hit the top award you don’t win the top amount of money. If it is a 3 coin machine and you play only 2 coins, on a lot of machines, you will only win 50% of the top award.

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