Las Vegas Strip Casinos

This question comes from anonymous…

Q:: Everyone tells me that in Vegas, you have a better chance of winning more money playing the slots at downtown casinos, rather than casinos on the Strip. Is this true? How is this possible?

A:: Hold percentages vary from casino to casino, all in all they are about the same all over Vegas. The strip and Down town are tourist traps. Next time your in Vegas try some of the off strip casinos.

Note: Check out the response regarding “99% Payback Slots”. Casino’s can adjust lifetime payback on a machine to make it more profitable for them, or less profitable. Strip casinos tend to have lower payback percentages, meaning that the machine keeps more of your money. Strip casinos do this because they enjoy such large crowds of people, and can afford rip people off. Those off-strip casinos in Vegas (like Texas Station, Orleans, etc.) tend to have higher payback percentages, because they have fewer players, and need to reward them for their patronage.

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