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Slot machines are among the most popular online casino games on the planet. There are hundreds and hundreds of online slots games to choose from, and a wide variety of online casinos at which to play them.

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Top 3 Online Slot Machines

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Aztec’s Millions at WinPalace 5 Reels 25 Lines
Cleopatra’s Gold at Slots Jungle 5 Reels 20 Lines
Cherry Blossoms at Crazy Slots 5 Reels 25 Lines

Whether you call them slot machines, slots, one-armed bandits, fruit machines, or poker machines (pokies), everyone knows what they are. You put the coin in, pull the handle, the reels spin, and every once in a while you get something in return.

Except almost none of that is true anymore. Coins, handles, reels…these things are have all been more or less replaced in the modern slot machine.

Slots began as a mechanical curiosity, a primitive video poker game where the reels dealt you a hand. Reproducing the possible variations of a poker hand proved to be more than a little complicated for late 19th Century technology, so in many cases the reels dropped from five to three (though before too long five reels would become common once again) and the classic slot machine design was born.

The first batch could be spun but it couldn’t accept nor dispense coins — so basically just a ‘high-tech’ way of doing what dice and cards had been doing for centuries, generating random results. By the dawn of the 1900s, however, ‘coin slots’ were invented…and the fundamental design of the slot machine would stay the same for most of the next century.

The classic slots symbols came from the candy and gum companies that used the machines for marketing. In fact, the familiar iconic “BAR” symbol represents a chewing gum company’s logo, and the ‘fruits’ of the fruit machines were originally simply symbols for the flavor of the treat that you got when you won. Yet even the most modern super-high-tech video slots often keep those same iconic elements from a century ago. And we’ve noticed recent interest in these symbols for other marketing purposes. The Now Or Never cafe (a jewelry outlet) has a cool display of cubic zirconia rings on sale, and looks exactly like a vintage slots machine, fruit symbols and all. It definitely gets your attention and the Las Vegas company even has people coming in to play the machine until they realize it’s a jewelry display!

On the next few pages, we’ll let you know what happened to the unsuspecting little pokies next…during the Electronic Age, the Video Age, and finally the Computer Age… bringing you Online Slots!

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The popularity of the online gambling age is here and slots machines are one of the most popular casino games to play online worldwide — even online casino USA for the American gambler.

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